Team Ardor

Ardor Adventures's Team Ardor is the Official Pace Team for the 2016 Newport Marathon. Pacers will help you reach the finish line at your goal time. Pace Teams are FREE and open to all participants.

Pace groups include

Marathon – 3:05, 3:15, 3:35, 4:00, 4:25, and 4:55

Meet your pacers

Chris McGinness


It's a privilege and an honor to be invited to help pace the 2016 Newport Marathon. I'm a member of Team Red Lizard in Portland, look for several fellow lizards on the can't miss the bright red singlets with the lizard on the back! I've run 9 marathons, two at Boston including this past April. I've run competitively most of my life throughout high school, college, and now 15 years beyond. I'm very much looking forward to helping all of you reach your goals on Saturday.

John Matherly


John will be pacing the second half.

Ed Cortes


Ed will be pacing the 3:15

Angie Sremba & Shawn Martin


Angie and Shawn will be pacing the first half

Daniel Seemiller


Daniel will be pacing the first half with Camille and Alfredo

Camille Sommers


Camille will be pacing the first half with Daniel and Alfredo

Alfredo Betanzo


Alfredo will be pacing the first half with Daniel and Camille

Stephany Simmons


Stephany will be pacing the second half

Brittany Blades


My best friend signed me up for my first half marathon in 2013. After that I caught the running bug and never looked back! My first marathon was the 2014 Portland Marathon and last year I ran the 2015 Newport Marathon. This year I get to be a pacer for the 2016 Newport Marathon. I'm excited to be running with all of you this weekend!

Britney O'Connell


Gail Kimberling


Since I grew up pre-Title 9, I was a late bloomer and didn't start running and competing until after I had four children. Now I have 10 grandchildren, and they are all developing an early love of running by attending events with me around the state! I also coach middle school cross country and track & field in Lincoln City.

I've finished 16 marathons (most recently in Okinawa, Japan) and more half-marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks and triathlons than I can count.

Due to my demanding job as director of the Lincoln City Community Center I usually train solo, so I especially enjoy the challenge and camaraderie of racing.

Pacing will be a new adventure, but I'm looking forward to meeting those who want to join the 4:55 pace group!