Newport Celebration Run

July 4, 2022

Thanks to the continued support of NOAA Marine Operations Center-Pacific all participants get a rare opportunity to run on NOAA's 1,300+ ft pier!

The 5K & 10K are PR courses - Flat and Fast! The Half-Marathon course is more challenging but a fun one. The half is part road and part trails. See course descriptions below for more information on each course.

Kids Fun Run

1 mile in distance. From Port of Newport Marina, past Hatfield Marine Science Center to NOAA's pier and back.

5k Walk/Run

5k Walk/Run. From Port of Newport Marina, past Hatfield Marine Science Center to NOAA's pier, past Rogue Brewery, under the Yaquina Bay Bridge to South Bay Jetty and back.

10k Run

Super fast course! Same as the 5k, approx at the 3 mile marker, it turns right, takes you past the Oregon Coast Aquarium, to Idaho Point and then turnaround to the finish line.

Half-Marathon Run

No walkers allowed in the Half-Marathon. There's a 3:30 (three hours and thirty minutes)time limit (16:01 pace). The course is part road and part trails - a combined 7.87 miles of pavement and the remaining 5.28 miles is trails. The trail section is mostly single-track trails.

First 5.22 miles is pavement, flat and very scenic, next 5.28 miles are trails. Trails are single track trails with connecting logging road sections. The final 2.65 miles, again, pavement and flat.

As for elevation, Google Earth says 1,509 ft, Strava says 1,125ft and Garmin says 1,051 ft. Elevation profile shown is from Google Earth.

Update: Here's my Strava run. (Distance from my strava run is only 12.86 miles since we were not able to run the NOAA Pier.)


  • 5k: Mile 2
  • 10k: Mile 2 & 4.1 & 4.7
  • Half: Mile 2, 4.1, 6, 8.1, 9.9 & 11.7

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