Newport Celebration Run

July 4, 2018

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Registrations by race

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No Name City, State Shirt Size Age Group Race
1 Anderson, Cynthia Meridian, ID WOMEN LARGE F50-54 10k Run
2 Auxier, Joyce Portland, OR WOMEN MEDIUM F60-64 10k Run
3 Childs, April Price, UT WOMEN SMALL F35-39 Half Marathon
4 Evans, Chelsey Sherwood, OR MEN SMALL F30-34 5k Run/Walk
5 Evans, Don Beaverton, OR MEN XL M60-64 5k Run/Walk
6 Evans, Barbara Beaverton, OR WOMEN XL F50-59 5k Run/Walk
7 Feller, Deanne Silverton, OR WOMEN SMALL F40-44 5k Run/Walk
8 Feller, Clifford Silverton, OR YOUTH LARGE M9 Kids Run
9 Feller, Clara Silverton, OR YOUTH SMALL F7 Kids Run
10 Filla, Shelley Houston, TX WOMEN MEDIUM F50-54 5k Run/Walk
11 Filla, Miller Houston, TX MEN MEDIUM F15-19 5k Run/Walk
12 Garciia, Jenee Punta Gorda, fL WOMEN MEDIUM F25-29 5k Run/Walk
13 Hackett, Seth Canoga Park, CA MEN MEDIUM M25-29 5k Run/Walk
14 Hackett, Julie Canoga Park, CA WOMEN MEDIUM F25-29 10k Run
15 Hinchcliff, Lea Salem, OR WOMEN XS F35-39 Half Marathon
16 Holser, Anita Depoe Bay, OR WOMEN MEDIUM F65-69 5k Run/Walk
17 Houghton, Elizabeth Salem, OR WOMEN MEDIUM F30-34 Half Marathon
18 Ingram, Jim Auburn, IN MEN MEDIUM M45-49 Half Marathon
19 Ingram, Laura Auburn, IN WOMEN SMALL F45-49 Half Marathon
20 Kienast, Kathryn Davidsonville, MD WOMEN LARGE F50-54 Half Marathon
21 Lister, Emily Houston, TX WOMEN MEDIUM F15-19 5k Run/Walk
22 Miller, Darrell Albany, OR MEN MEDIUM M60-64 Half Marathon
23 Stephens, Carey Sherwood, OR WOMEN MEDIUM F35-39 5k Run/Walk
24 Stewart, Kristen Newport, OR WOMEN SMALL F25-29 10k Run
25 Traeger, Alexis Medford, OR WOMEN SMALL F15-19 Half Marathon
26 Tullis, Sari Lake Oswego, OR WOMEN MEDIUM F25-29 Half Marathon
27 Turner, Ryan Newport, OR MEN MEDIUM M25-29 Half Marathon
28 Valesano, Sarah Sherwood, OR WOMEN MEDIUM F15-19 Half Marathon

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