4th of July Celebration Run

July 4, 2017

Participants, please let us know at info@ardoradventures.com with any corrections to be made to the information below.

2017 Registrations: All | 5K | 10K | Half-Marathon | Kids Fun Run
Note: It may take up to 48 hours for your name to show up on this page after you complete your registration.

No Name City, State Shirt Size Age Group Race
1 Aubertin, Evan Portland, OR NONE M25-29 Half-Marathon
2 Balin, Kirsten Bonanza, OR NONE F25-29 Half-Marathon
3 Baumberger, Tamara Newport, OR UNISEX M F35-39 10K Run
4 Bowman, Laura Salem, OR NONE F40-44 10K Run
5 Bowman, Shawn Salem, OR NONE M40-44 Half-Marathon
6 Bradley, Penny Milwaukie, OR NONE F25-29 Half-Marathon
7 Burwell, John Idyllwild, CA UNISEX L M60-64 5K Walk/Run
8 Burwell, Melinda Idyllwild, CA UNISEX L F55-59 5K Walk/Run
9 Czulinski, Tess Albany, OR NONE F25-29 10K Run
10 Czulinski, Michael Albany, OR NONE M25-29 10K Run
11 DiGiallonardo, Aloura Eugene, OR UNISEX MEDIUM F25-29 Half-Marathon
12 Dillon, Islande Key Largo, FL UNISEX S F35-39 Half-Marathon
13 Doran, Cliff Clackamas, OR NONE M30-34 Half-Marathon
14 Farstad, Crystal Hebo, OR NONE F40-44 5K Walk/Run
15 Farstad, Wayde Hebo, OR NONE M12-14 5K Walk/Run
16 Feller, Deanne Silverton, OR NONE F40-44 5K Walk/Run
17 Feller, Clifford Silverton, OR NONE M0-10 Kid Fun Run
18 Feller, Clara Silverton, OR NONE F0-10 Kid Fun Run
19 Furman, Janelle Sherwood, OR NONE F40-44 Half-Marathon
20 Furman, Jon Sherwood, OR NONE M40-44 Half-Marathon
21 Garrett, Rae Saratoga Springs, UT NONE F20-24 Half-Marathon
22 Gieve, Christina Gresham, OR NONE F30-34 Half-Marathon
23 Gonzalez, Alejandra Corvallis, OR NONE F20-24 Half-Marathon
24 Gossett, Cathy Clackamas, OR NONE F60-64 5K Walk/Run
25 Gossett, Stephanie Happy Valley, OR NONE F30-34 10K Run
26 Gossett, Sydney Happy Valley, OR NONE F0-10 Kids Fun Run
27 Gossett, Adam Happy Valley, OR NONE M25-29 10K Run
28 Haag, Rachelle Lewiston, ID NONE F30-34 Half-Marathon
29 Hankins, Miles Bonanza, OR NONE M25-29 10K Run
30 Hankins, Kayli Bonanza, OR NONE F20-24 Half-Marathon
31 Hankins, Patience Bonanza, OR UNISEX XL F20-24 10K Run
32 Hanson, Stefani Eugene, OR UNISEX MEDIUM F25-29 Half-Marathon
33 Jones, Tamara Depoe Bay, OR UNISEX M F45-49 5K Walk/Run
34 Kennedy, Amy Corvallis, OR NONE F25-29 Half-Marathon
35 Key, Carie Marysville, CA UNISEX S F35-39 10K Run
36 Knight, Naomi Eugene, OR UNISEX MEDIUM F25-29 Half-Marathon
37 LeeJoice, Robert Henderson, NV NONE M45-49 Half-Marathon
38 Loredo, Stephanie Eugue, OR NONE F25-29 10K Run
39 Lyman, Hannah Bonanza, OR NONE F25-29 10K Run
40 Marrott, Chad Spring Creek, NV NONE M40-44 5K Walk/Run
41 Marrott, Chase Spring Creek, NV NONE M9-11 5K Walk/Run
42 Marrott, Melissa Spring Creek, NV NONE F35-39 Half-Marathon
43 Marrott, Bridger Spring Creek, NV NONE M0-10 Kids Fun Run
44 Matherly, Meredith Waldport, OR UNISEX S F25-29 Half-Marathon
45 McCulloch, Mark McMinnville, OR NONE M35-39 10K Run
46 Miller, Betsy Renton, WA NONE F30-34 10K Run
47 Ninneman, Riley Happy Valley, OR NONE M0-10 Kids Fun Run
48 Ninneman, Kyler Happy Valley, OR NONE M0-10 Kids Fun Run
49 Ninneman, Molly Happy Valley, OR NONE F35-39 5K Walk/Run
50 Ortenstone, Susan Montgomery, TX NONE F60-64 Half-Marathon
51 Owen, Donnell North Logan, UT NONE F25-29 10K Run
52 Owen, Alyssa Providence, UT NONE F25-29 10K Run
53 Paul, Colby Pleasant Grove, UT YOUTH L M10-12 5K Walk/Run
54 Paul, Jack Pleasant Grove, UT UNISEX S M12-14 10K Run
55 Paul, Sara Pleasant Grove, UT UNISEX S F40-44 10K Run
56 Paul, Jason Pleasant Grove, UT UNISEX L M45-49 Half-Marathon
57 Perkins, Heather Portland, OR NONE F20-24 Half-Marathon
58 Read, Rae Portland, OR NONE F30-34 Half-Marathon
59 Riedlinger, Charity Beaverton, OR NONE F30-34 10K Run
60 Romanowski, Tim Corvallis, OR UNISEX XL M40-44 Half-Marathon
61 Ronzzo, Denise Lewiston, ID UNISEX SMALL F50-54 Half-Marathon
62 Sexton, Kim Phoenix, AZ NONE F40-44 10K Run
63 Sexton, Ben Phoenix, AZ NONE M40-44 Half-Marathon
64 Shinkle, Stephanie Monmouth, OR NONE F40-44 Half-Marathon
65 Shumaker, Isaac Rainer, OR UNISEX M M20-24 Half-Marathon
66 Sinner, Sandy Forest Grove, OR NONE F30-34 Half-Marathon
67 Slonecker, Andrea Prosser, WA NONE F35-39 Half-Marathon
68 Slonecker, Blake Prosser, WA NONE M35-39 Half-Marathon
69 Sweeney, Keana Portland, OR NONE F35-39 Half-Marathon
70 Tuchscher, Ben Renton, WA NONE M30-34 5K Walk/Run
71 Turner, Ryan Newport, OR UNISEX M M20-24 Half-Marathon
72 Uhen, Alyssa Waldport, OR UNISEX S F25-29 10K Run
73 Vaughan, David Portland, OR NONE M40-44 Half-Marathon

If you would like to know more about sponsorship levels and opportunities please contact us at info@ardoradventures.com