Join the Team 2018 Ambassador program is now open

We're seeking influential group of walkers & runners who are actively involved in their community and have a passion for running.

What's an Ardor Adventures Ambassador?

It means you already have a love for the runnig community, already love supporting local events and you're supportive and encouraging of those around you. As an Ardor Adventures Ambassador you're generally a huge cheer leader for a vibrant and incusive running community!

Your mission as an Ardor Adventures Ambassador is to spread brand awareness and excitement for our 2018 events through social media and community.

Ardor Adventures Ambassador Application

Please submit your 2018 application before December 15, 2017

Ambassador Requirements

As an ambassador you will:

  • Represent and spread the word about Ardor Adventures events (Socia media, blogging, etc) and answer questions in the running community
  • Follow and interact with Ardor Adventures on Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Blog and use social media regularly
  • Submit regular reports/blogs through the duration of your ambassadorship, including pictures and testimonials
  • Minimum three blogs per year to be posted to the Ardor Adventures website
  • Minimum one tweet, Facebook post or Instagram per week
  • Race Weekend Support - Represent Ardor Adventures at races by staffing booth
  • Be an expert on Ardor Adventures events!
4th of July Celebration Run

Ambassador Perks

  • Complimentary Race Registration to ALL 2018 Ardor Adventures events
  • Official Ardor Adventures Ambassador Gear
  • Profile hosted on Ardor Adventures website
  • Access to our Ambassador's-only Facebook Group

2017 Ardor Adventures Ambassadors

Brittany Bladdes
Newport, OR

Why I run

I started running because I wanted to get in shape. The more I ran, the easier and more enjoyable it became and the further I could run. Now I run to stay in good health and thanks to Ardor Adventures for introducing me to trail running, I run to enjoy the outdoors!!!

About Me

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I have always had a love for animals and the outdoors. This has really shaped who I am today. I have lived in Idaho, Washington and Oregon; so I really do claim the Northwest as my home. I graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Biology. Go Beavs!!! I moved to Newport 5 and a half years ago to work as a marine mammal trainer at Oregon Coast Aquarium. This is a career that is mostly outdoors and I get to work with animals! I really didn't start running until I moved to the coast and I remember my first run that was over 3 miles, I was running from the north jetty towards Yaquina head and the entire run felt good so I just kept going. By the time I was done I had ran 7 miles. I was sore, but felt so great that my best friend decided to sign me up for my first half marathon. The rest is history after that I caught the running bug have ran 3 full marathons! Now I have caught the trail running bug and that's all I want to do. I look forward to being an Ardor Adventures Ambassador to help challenge others with their running abilities. Maybe 2017 will be the year of my first 50k? We shall see...

Sebastien Durandeu
Lincoln City, OR

Why I run

Running has become an extension of who I am. I run because it's a simple way to explore nature under my own power. I run because it push me to always question myself because as simple as it looks running becomes complex as soon as you start to want to get better at it. I run to meet people who inspire me and to hopefully inspire some people myself.

About Me

I'm French. I moved to the US in 2008 when I got a teaching position at the French International American School in Portland . I now own a dog grooming salon in Lincoln City at the Oregon Coast. I've always been athletic. Done a lot of different sports in France. My biggest accomplishments are in Tennis and Judo (martial art). After that I went to college for 4 years to get a degree in Sport Science and Physiology. It's when I started running. Running became part of my life but it was just for fitness to stay in shape and healthy. I started racing when I moved to the Oregon Coast in 2012. First it was 5ks and 10ks. Then half marathons and few marathons. Fast I realized it's not what I really liked and I started trail running and ultrarunning. I did every distance from 50k to 100 miles with some good success and also good failure. This past year was not my best because of a chronic injury but I feel better and can't wait for 2017. Not sure yet what direction my running will take but it will be amazing ...stage races? Multi days events? OCR? Ironman?

Crystal Farstad
Hebo, OR

Why I run

For the absolute love of the sport! The health benefits and the time inside my own head. I do my best thinking on the move. I love the feel of the pavement beneath my feet and meeting like minded people along the way. Runners are some of the most encouraging people I have ever met.

About Me

Wife and mother of 2 terrific boys, who are the best support crew I could ask for. Never a runner in High School, I was always the girl walking at the back of the pack, getting yelled at by the coach, I didn't discover my love for the sport until about 4 years ago. A friend encouraged me to enter a 5k to raise money for our local track team. It was a struggle, I had to really push myself to finish but I was hooked. Since then, I have run multiple 5ks and 10ks, a couple of marathon relays, several half marathons and am looking forward to completing my first full marathon this coming June. I may not be fast but I am always determined to finish!

Crystal Frost
Seal Rock, OR

Why I run

I love the simplicity of the sport. I crave the challenge and the sense of freedom it gives. Other than watching my little girls become happy and kind human beings - there is no better way for me to feel more alive than sucking in crisp mountain air while ripping up and down a mountain trail. Basically, running is one of the three true loves in my life.

About Me

Wife. Mother. Dog Lover. Adventure junkie. I’ll take the trail over pavement any day. In fact, I have yet to meet a trail I didn’t like. I’m a newb to the ultra scene but no stranger to trail running. My crazy ultra-running hubby inspires me continually to amp up my long distance game. Setting a healthy example for our children fuels my perseverance and dedication. I may not be the fastest runner out there, but I’ve got some grit. I am currently training for my first 50k in 2017. I am super excited to see how far these two feet will take me.

Brittany Kosydar
Toledo, OR

Why I run

I run because I like drinking beer and I need the exercise. I run because I love the feeling of pushing myself until I think I might possibly die. I run because people have told me that I can’t. I run because I want to be considered a runner, and I’m pretty sure that’s how you do it. I also like collecting race bibs and medals.

About Me

Crafter, reader, gamer, hiker. Proud pet parent to 3 cats and 3 Boston Terriers. Passionate about social services and trying to make a difference in the world. Midwest born and raised, transplanted to Oregon in 2011 and in love with this state. I still think about myself as a runner wannabe. Over the past 8-10 years I have tried to start running on several occasions and always gave up because I felt so discouraged. I would run for 5 minutes and be ready to give up. Early in 2016 I realized that I was at the highest weight I had ever been, and I knew it needed to change. I decided that I wanted to finally fulfill my goal of being a “runner”, so I started working out and eating better. I am still a work-in-progress, but every day I get closer to my goal. I hope to graduate from 5Ks soon and eventually run a half-marathon.

Miranda Mode
Depoe Bay, OR

Why I run

For my sanity! As a wife and mom of 2 ambitious girls running is my time to find myself. I love pushing to the limit, only to find I can go further than I ever thought possible. It is my hope that through running I can teach my girls about positive body image, strength, determination and never to doubt their abilities.

About Me

In September of 2016, I completed my first Ironman Triatlon! Which is crazy considering I was never athletic and basically scared of my own shadow growing up. I have always struggled with body image. After having my girls, I was unhealthy and miserable. A friend convinced me to do a half marathon 4 years ago. I fell in love! Since then I have done several more half marathons, full marathons, a 50k, several relays including the 204 mile Elkhorn, half ironman and full ironman. Through running and triathlon I have met some amazing friends and gained a career as a personal trainer. Running has given me the power to be proud of who I am. My next adventure? Who knows- maybe the Great Wall of China marathon? Canadian death race? Another ironman? The excitement continues!

Mary Williams
Depoe Bay, OR

Why I run

I run for mental clarity. I run so I can eat whatever I want and still fit into my clothes. I run to explore new places. I run for community. I've met some wonderful friends through running. Thank you Team Ardor! I run to set an example for my daughters that taking care of yourself is important. I run because this is my thing, it's not connected to my husband or my children.

About Me

Wife, mom of two daughters, Hospice Volunteer. I ran in high school. After a cancer diagnosis I realized that I needed to get off the sofa. I started running again when I was 35. Stumbled upon the book Run Like a Mother by Sarah Bowen Shae and Dimity McDowell. It was instrumental in helping learn how to run. Then I discovered what positive peer pressure is in the endurance world. I started signing up for running races~5k, 10k, halfs and relays. Then it morphed into triathlons. Before I knew it I was doing my first half Ironman. Along the way I’ve meet some wonderful friends who share the passion for pushing limits, setting goals and being healthy. My favorite time to run is early morning. My post race meal: bacon cheeseburger with a craft beer. I usually run alone with my dog. My favorite distance is a half marathon. Running is my zen. Running helps me be better wife, mom and friend. Running is a gift that I intending on enjoying for the rest of my life. One place I want to do a race: the Redwoods. “We can do hard things”-Glennon Doyle Melton.